on the Romanian market, Bulgarian market and other South-East European countries


Public-Private Partnership

The activity of R&P is directed towards strengthening the Public-Private Partnership process, from the initiation stage to consulting, legal assistance and funding up to the implementation stage. In this process we optimize the strong connections to the local and regional public structures, in order to represent the interests of the clients before the key leaders and to get the desired results.

Market Entry Services

We work closely with Romanian, Bulgarian and other South-East European companies to plan their business strategy when entering the relevant market. We provide essential market information and local support to facilitate the market entry process and value the full potential of new business opportunities. Our solutions are innovative and practical, with optimized results and offering each client a foothold in the targeted market.

Business Development and Support

We deliver programs and strategies to companies wishing to grow on the Romanian market, Bulgarian market or markets in other South-East European countries. Whatever the challenge or industry, the R&P team can provide complete and economical solutions, ensuring that customers achieve their business objectives.

Business Promoting

Rainof & Partners organizes and represents the interests of its clients in trade missions, conferences, business seminars, fairs, exhibitions, events, aiming to identify and develop new opportunities for them, establishing sustainable connections to the public key factors and strategic partners in the relevant business area.



Public-Private Partnership
  • Laws and statutes
  • Political decisions
  • Speed
  • Efficiency
  • Innovation
  • Degree of certainty
  • Financial
  • Capabilities
  • Risk


Market Entry Services
  • Online research
  • Competition assessment
  • Structural analysis of various industries
  • Quality and Quantity Research
  • Assessment of Market Opportunities
  • opportunities
  • outsourcing production and services
  • financing
Business Development and Support
Business Promoting
    • Campaigns and Events
    • Press releases
    • Company Q&A
    • Company Presentations
    • Media Training